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The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the world. Despite the drop in COVID-related restrictions and lockdowns in 2022, the pandemic has continued to increase awareness and anxiety surrounding hygiene. Recent consumer studies indicate that new habits formed during this time period will endure, permanently changing how consumers shop and what they value.

Jim Krueger, the CEO of Consolidated Pathways, presenting a Certificate of Excellence to Rajinder Gupta, Chairman of Trident Group, on behalf of SANITIZED AG

Due to an increase of time spent at home, global consumers are evaluating their shopping habits and placing more value on home-related items that deliver comfort and sustainable, lasting performance. According to a recent Cotton Incorporated (2021) study, two-thirds of consumers say that sustainability has a moderate or great deal of influence on their purchases of textile products. More specifically, 63% of consumers value home textiles, including towels and bed linen products, that deliver sustainable performance. Additionally, odor is a performance concern that is often cited as one of the top consumer complaints in home textiles. Trident Group, a leader in the home textile sector, responds to the growing demand for sustainable products by offering high-quality, durable towels and bed linens treated with the Sanitized® odor control technology.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality home textile products, Trident Group utilizes the Sanitized® odor management solution on their Play® and Sport® towels and bed linen products to address the growing market requirement for freshness performance. According to the Trident Group team, “We believe Sanitized® technologies help us deliver the best consumer-centric products by fulfilling the consumer demand for high quality, durable, and long-lasting freshness in home textiles.”

Jim Krueger, the CEO of Consolidated Pathways, joined Trident Group at this year’s Spring Home Fashions Market Week in New York City. During his visit to their showroom, Jim presented the Trident Group team with a Certificate of Excellence prepared by Michael Lüthi, the CEO of SANITIZED AG. The certificate highlights Trident Group’s brand partnership with Sanitized® Actifresh and the company’s commitment to innovating the market for home textiles with sustainable performance solutions.

Together SANITIZED AG and Trident Group are committed to providing consumers worldwide with innovative home textile products for added comfort and freshness within the home. This dynamic partnership also offers numerous consumer sustainability benefits. Krueger stated, “Trident was the first major towel manufacturer to add an odor control feature on all of its towels. This Trident innovation provided consumers with the ability to reduce their frequency of laundering, and reduced laundering saves consumers time, water, and energy costs while lowering household carbon dioxide emissions. Improved consumer sustainability can begin by purchasing Trident towels. SANTIIZED AG is proud that our partnership with Trident provides consumers with the opportunity to be more sustainable in their daily lives.” The simple step of adding odor control to home fashions can make a major difference in the overall environmental impact of residential laundering throughout the world.

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