BSL commissions ₹150 crore state-of-the-art Cotton Spinning Unit in Bhilwara

Mr. Nivedan Churiwal, Managing Director, BSL Ltd.

Modern manufacturing facility will produce 700 tonnes of cotton yarn per month, increasing the company revenue by 250 crores

BSL Limited, a legacy brand in the textile and suiting industries, has recently launched its first Cotton Spinning Unit in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India. This addition is expected to augment the company’s revenue by INR 250 crores in the forthcoming fiscal year. The new unit will have a capacity of 30,000 spindles, enabling the production of 700 tonnes of cotton yarn per month.

Less than a year ago, the company decided to venture into manufacturing of 100% cotton yarns and in record time it has set up a cotton yarn spinning facility. BSL Ltd. will offer different counts ranging from 1/20, 1/30, 100% cotton yarn ranging from Combed yarn, Carded yarn and Siro Spun yarn. These yarns will be offered for sale commercially, for both export & domestic market.

BSL Ltd. is one of the few Indian companies that can boast of a varied range of products in its portfolio. Also, the smart manufacturing facility will create employment for additional 200 people. It is the exclusive supplier of furniture fabrics from South Asia for IKEA and their products are available in all 450 IKEA stores globally. The company also has two suitings brands, BSL and Geoffrey Hammonds (GH), catering to the mass market and premium segment respectively. BSL Ltd. has expanded its product range and offerings, particularly for domestic customers, with a focus on pure wool and poly wool fabrics, ethnic wear, and Jacquards. They are paying special attention to the luxury market and have launched a new brand, GH-Insignia. In case of exports it offers a variety of suiting fabrics exported to over 55 countries, as well as an exclusive selection of upholstery fabrics for curtains and upholstery. BSL has a dealer network across India and a strong presence in the market.

Commenting on the expansion, Managing Director, Mr. Nivedan Churiwal says: “India has one of the fastest-growing cotton spinning businesses in the entire world, and there is an extensive market for cotton yarn and other cotton based products in the country and abroad. This is due to various factors like the recent China One Plus Policy, strong demand from the Indian and international markets, an abundant supply of raw materials and production of high-quality goods by Indian manufacturers. We at BSL Ltd. are confident that our goals will be met with the help of multiple initiatives such as the newly established cotton spinning facility, other expansion plans, and with our diverse portfolio.”

BSL Ltd., a heritage brand is also one of the leading producer of furnishing fabrics that produces furniture fabrics for leading retail giants across the world including IKEA. It further produces curtains, apparel fabrics in Polyester, Polyester blends and Pure Silks. The company also manufactures different types of premium yarn such as Poly Wool / Pure Wool / Poly Viscose & 100% Viscose yarn.

The brand believes that the continuous growth will push them to be one of the leaders in the market who do not chase numbers but focuses on customer delight & satisfaction by creating a definite place in the customer’s mind.