Accolades for Hayleys’ Waste Water Treatment Process

A pioneer in weft knit fabric manufacture in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Fabric has reiterated its commitment to superior waste water treatment. With its modern waste water treatment plant, Hayleys boasts of a superior treatment process to purify and guarantee the quality of the water being discharged so that it meets the prescribed standards. About 4500m^3 […]


A.T.E. Huber Envirotech – Selected as one of top 3 waste water treatment companies for textile industry

A.T.E. Huber Envirotech (AHET) has proven its credentials to become one of the top 3 waste water treatment companies catering to the textile industry. The company has made major technological innovations in its experience in this field for 2 decades. Textile industry is one of the water intensive manufacturing industries which has been trying to […]


Gradiant Corporation secures 12 new water treatment projects across Asia Pacific

Consider this – it takes about 150 liters of water to make one kilogram of textile material. This astounding fact also shines light on another crucial fact that the resulting waste water is laden with dyes and chemicals that requires advanced treatment methods to make it either safe for the environment or for further reuse. […]


Homogenization in wastewater treatment for Textile Industry

In view of India’s deteriorating water crisis, there is an urgent need to explore alternative means of water management. Industrial water treatment can help us to tide over this situation by retrieving the processed water and making it usable for other purposes. Textile effluents are one among the complex wastewater which undergoes intense treatment through […]


EPIC Group enters into strategic partnership with Arvind Envisol

Hong Kong-based EPIC Group, a leading garment manufacturer for global brands has announced its strategic partnership with Arvind Envisol, water treatment business of Arvind Ltd. This partnership aims at integrating best practices of water and wastewater treatment and use, thereby reducing the environmental footprint across manufacturing units of EPIC Group in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Jordan […]