A.T.E. Huber Envirotech – Selected as one of top 3 waste water treatment companies for textile industry

A.T.E. Huber Envirotech (AHET) has proven its credentials to become one of the top 3 waste water treatment companies catering to the textile industry. The company has made major technological innovations in its experience in this field for 2 decades.

Textile industry is one of the water intensive manufacturing industries which has been trying to become more responsible and has been facing a two-fold challenge for a long time. One is preserving water resources and two, finalizing regulatory compliance of treated waste water norms.

Identifying a proper waste water treatment solution provider who has expertise in the field and who can deliver zero liquid discharge has been an ongoing challenge for the industry.

As a joint venture between A.T.E., India and Huber Se, Germany, AHET has become a dominant technology solution provider in this particular area. If A.T.E. has over 80 years of experience in textile engineering, then Huber Se is a global leader in water, waste water and sludge treatment solutions with more than 180 years of experience.

AHET’s highly successful innovative treatment technology for textile waster water, AAA®, is an advanced solution for textile effluents. It is a proven method that drastically reduces the chemical consumption and sludge generation by almost 70% when compared to the conventional treatment methods besides enhancing biological treatment efficiency.

Commenting on A.T.E.’s making it to the top-3 slot, V K Maheshwari, President & Business Head – Mafatlal Industries says: “A.T.E. Huber Envirotech’s AAA technology installed in our 4 MLD ETP has reduced our chemical consumption and chemical sludge by 60-70%.”

In the same vein, D’décor’s Managing Director, Ajay Arora shares: “They guided us in achieving long-term sustainable goals by reducing our water usage and sludge disposal cost by upgrading all our ETPs – totaling 3.2 MLD – to AAA technology, by installing reverse osmosis- based recycling plant and anaerobic MBR-based packaged STPs and providing solar sludge dryer.”

Apart from AAA® technology, AHET offers another innovative technology, SUFRO® comprises Biomem Huber membrane filtration, high quality submerged ultrafiltration membrane laminates with 38 nm pore size followed by reverse osmosis membranes to offer a hassle-free recycling of waste water. SUFRO® offers major benefits by way of savings in chemicals, balance of equipment, backwash water requirements and space. It is a unique system that protects downstream reverse osmosis membranes and upstream biological treatment simultaneously.

 In its prestigious position as one of the top 3 effluent treatment providers, A.T.E. Huber Envirotech promises – as one with strong domain expertise – to bring long-term sustainability in water usage and sludge disposal – a blessing in the making for the textile industry!

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