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Concerns of sustainable textile supply chain has long been known in the outdoor industry. Their close connection to nature has made impact reduction a key part of the outdoor industries value. While the transition for sustainable and responsible manufacturing into the fashion, and especially the luxury markets, has been sluggish, we are seeing the point in which every link of the textile and garment manufacturing chain are feeling the pressure to change and change now.

Jill Dumain, CEO, Bluesign Technologies

As the outdoor apparel industry took steps for sustainable apparel manufacturing, Bluesign was able to provide holistic solutions, with 20 years of experience that consider the entirety of the supply chain.

As the fashion industry is forced to take a hard look in the mirror, there are companies who are actively progressing their sustainability aims. Companies such as TAL Apparel and ISKO are pioneering the way. TAL Apparel, as a highly specialized and respected name in the manufacturing and finishing of high-end dress shirts, and ISKO who create an essential found in everyone’s wardrobe around the world, are leading the way for fashion. As TAL Apparel takes strides to increase transparency, equally ISKO aims to reach bluesign® APPROVED verification for its denim.

The message is clear; who will follow-suit and who will be left behind?

Bluesign technologies ag was founded in 2000. Since then, the bluesign® SYSTEM has been adopted by worldwide leading textile and accessory manufacturers. Various significant key players in the chemical and machine industry rely on the bluesign® SYSTEM. Well-known brands in the outdoor, sportswear and fashion industry rely on the extensive knowledge that bluesign technologies ag provides worldwide.

The bluesign® SYSTEM is the key to sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process, and it sets and monitors standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide, but also gives consumers confidence in purchasing a sustainable product.

Partnership with TAL Apparel

Apparel brands recognize the value of verifying safe components and inputs of their production processes with a high integrity system like the bluesign® SYSTEM. TAL Apparel, a leading garment manufacturer and one of the largest in the world, today embarked on a partnership with Bluesign. As brands and retailers are recognizing the value of transparency in every tier of their supply chain, the partnership will build trust, synergies and collaboration for chemical management throughout the supply chain.

First established in 1947 in Hong Kong, TAL Apparel is one of the largest garment operations in the world, driven by a simple formula of combining quality garments, on time delivery and product innovation. Today, TAL Apparel is best known as the supplier of one out of every six men’s dress shirts sold in the U.S. market, producing technologically advanced garments that combine superior styles, comfort, and functionality.

An estimated 1 of every 6 dress shirts sold in the US made is by TAL, one of the most respected names in the apparel industry and internationally recognized for its high-quality finishing processes. The partnership between TAL Apparel and Bluesign demonstrates the level of trust that has grown between the two organizations and its leaders working towards a greater mission.

Dr. Delman Lee, President and CTO of TAL Apparel, while speaking on the development said: “We strive to be a leading sustainable manufacturer. We work diligently on the details and celebrate achieving real and credible impacts. We are proud to partner with Bluesign because they are truly committed to a sustainable supply chain. This has been a long time coming, and we look forward to continuing our work together with Bluesign and other supply chain partners in creating a sustainable future.”

The safety and security afforded throughout the Bluesign assessment and verification process is made possible by a closed circle of highly trained specialists. This ensures the integrity of intellectual property while establishing the desired transparency for brands and consumers, who have the highest expectations for responsibly made and safe products without compromising on quality or design.

Most notably, this partnership is a reflection of the trend of premium brands to incorporate transparency into their business strategy.

“I appreciate the time and care that TAL has taken in making the decision to partner with Bluesign. This allows our partnership to be founded on strong mutual trust and respect for each other’s business practices and greater mission. This care and dedication are reflected in their professionalism. We are proud to enter into a partnership with such an influential organization,” said Jill Dumain, CEO of Bluesign Technologies.

Joins hands with ISKO

Bluesign recently announced another major partnership with ISKO for the creation of a cleaner, safer, and transparent world of denim. ISKO just released its landmark Sustainability Report, setting the target of achieving bluesign® APPROVED accreditation by the end of 2020.

ISKO is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of the SANKO Group. As the premium denim ingredient brand behind people’s most favorite jeans, it has a strong global presence in 35 countries with 60 international locations.

By virtue of its Responsible Innovation™ approach, founded on creativity, competence and citizenship, ISKO works to make the world a better place bringing awareness to environmental as well as social aspects. As a result of its R-TWO™ program made with certified reused and recycled fibers, the company’s denim offer is pushing sustainable materials and innovating.

Committed to an approach of continuous improvement, ISKO relies on external stakeholder engagement, striving for third-party certifications and partnerships. This has led to many achievements, including becoming a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER, STeP by OEKO-TEX®, Textile Exchange, SAC, ZDHC, and EU Ecolabel.

The ISKO world is a full-power denim force from the ground up. It includes R&D, Creative Room, Iskoteca, ISKO Creative Room Services, Visionary Minds, Marketing, and the CSR Sustainability Teams – all working to create a complete network of excellence, creativity and innovation.

Denim is a timeless staple in wardrobes around the world. ISKO, the leading denim ingredient brand, and Bluesign, the architects of a sustainable and responsible textile supply chain, are joining forces in a partnership. Alliances like this are the source of effective improvements.

ISKO has a long-standing commitment to ensure the integrity of its ingredients and the traceability of the fibers and materials used in its denim apparel. By releasing the Sustainability Report, ISKO again demonstrates its commitment to creating and designing denim apparel that has a positive connection with the planet. In this report, a primary target of ISKO is to achieve bluesign® APPROVED accreditation for its denim textiles, attaining the strictest industry standard for consumers and environment alike.

With the goal of completing this process by the end of 2020, the company has already performed bluesign® COMPANY ASSESSMENT at an above-average level. This shows how ISKO anticipates changes rather than simply reacting to legal or stakeholder requirements, pursuing an approach that has a huge potential and includes several actions for further improvements.

Through this partnership, ISKO and Bluesign continue the movement of the textile and fashion industry into a future that pays more attention to people and the environment, because only when both are considered can the industry truly make a positive long-lasting impact.

“ISKO, as the soul of jeans, has a vision for denim that is creative in design and innovative in the use of technologies. These distinct qualities in combination with a determined commitment to a sustainable supply chain makes ISKO a true leader in the textile industry. We look forward to the next impactful steps we will take together,” Jill Dumain, stated about the partnership.

“As the leader of this industry, we feel it is our responsibility to be and act as a force for good. We have always prioritized transparency and accountability, highly valuing every improvement that can be achieved by sharing values and goals through partnerships. This one makes us particularly proud, as it raises the bar of our efforts and challenges us to maintain our improvement efforts,” Ebru Ozkucuk Guler, Senior Sustainability & CSR Executive at ISKO mentioned.

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