RSWM plans to invest ₹315 crore in compact cotton yarn capacity at Banswara

RSWM Ltd. has decided to invest ₹315 crore for the expansion of its compact cotton yarn capacity at Lodha Unit, Banswara (Rajasthan). Currently, the company’s Banswara unit’s total spindle capacity is 95,376, and with the new investment, the spindle capacity is expected to increase by 51,072. The period in which the capacity is supposed to […]


HeiQ Decarbonizing Yarn Endorsed By HUGO BOSS And The LYCRA Company

HUGO BOSS became a front-runner in the race to adopt HeiQ AeoniQ yarns by putting a US$5M equity investment in HeiQ AeoniQ LLC and additional contingent US$4M based on performance milestone arrangements. The LYCRA Company has also become the exclusive distributor for HeiQ AeoniQ yarn by making a significant, undisclosed investment and by committing to […]


B.I.G. Yarns Announces Major Investments In New Technology

Building a strong future. B.I.G. Yarns reveals significant investment in its next-generation Polyamide (PA) technology to help global carpet tile manufacturers meet the demands of the contract market. In addition to this key investment, the company also announces its decision to become a new producer of polyester (PET) yarns for the automotive industry. The two […]