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GHCL further strengthens yarn manufacturing capacity

Forays into knitting segment

GHCL manufactures high-quality yarns adhering to global standards and international best practices. The company has 1.85 Lakh ring spindles, 3320 rotors, 5760 TFO spindles and 5 Airjet Spinning (480 positions) based at Paravai in Madurai District and at Manaparai in Tiruchirapalli District in the state of Tamil Nadu. GHCL Limited is one of the largest Yarn manufacturers/ exporters in India with high embedded and quality yarn manufactured at our integrated setup in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Recognized for our premium product development capabilities, we are placed at the forefront in major markets internationally.

GHCL Meenakshi mills in Madurai is equipped with world-class machinery from Rieter, Trutzschler, LMW, KTTM, Suessen, Uster, Muratec, Saurer Schlafhorst, Savio, SSM, and Suessen, Uster, Muratec. The yarn is sold to various customers in domestic and exports and a significant quantity is used at GHCL’s weaving plant at Vapi. The company uses 3R approach of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to maintain sustainable material management. In the recent past, the company has been using the digital platform to market its product in existing export markets like Italy, Germany, Bangladesh, Mauritius etc., and enter newer markets such as Portugal.

GHCL’s Operations of the Yarn division is based upon the four pillars of its strategy i.e., innovation, traceability, sustainability and giving back to society. This has proven to be one of the most important differentiators for its products identified as the preferred ones in the market.

GHCL has announced investment of Rs. 500 Crores in setting up 40,000 ring spindles to produce synthetic blended yarn for the knitting and weaving sectors. Additional 40,000 ring spindles with 24 knitting machines to manufacture 100% cotton yarn and knitted fabrics would be installed.

Mr. R. S. Jalan, Managing Director, GHCL says, “We are undertaking various growth initiatives for expansion of the Spinning facility, such as installation of 40k spindles to be completed during the FY23, plan to further add another 40k spindles to be completed in FY24, focus on green energy with 20 MW of solar energy implemented and additional 10 MW under implementation. With this, total renewable energy (solar & wind) would be 57 MW at the end of FY23 catering to 75% of the energy needs. We are also focused on product basket expansion and value-added segment growth, customer realignment and operating excellence and emphasis on sustainability and innovation as the core planks”.

GHCL’s yarn spinning division is producing value added yarn Viz. GIZA, SUPIMA, Australian, CmiA Yarn for both domestic and international market. The company houses world class machinery from Rieter, Trutzschler, LMW, KTTM, Suessen, Uster, Muratec, Saurer Schlafhorst, Savio, SSM sourced with the ability to process both cotton and blended fabrics.

GHCL’s key customers include international and domestic clients such as Mantafil, Bossifil, Subbifil, Keno, Codefine, Raymonds, Arvind Ltd, Shahi Exports, Vardhman, Welspun etc.

Sustainability & Traceability

GHCL’s mission on sustainability reaches new heights with its “Earthology” collection – Eco Cotton, Eco Corn Cotton and Eden Dyes. These new sustainable ranges offer exciting new concepts of decomposable CVC fabrics – vegetable dyes and products made from renewable resources. The company presented its (patent pending), new fit story called Fab-Fit Luxe for the perfect fit on every bed.

Traceability being a strong “pillar of practice” at GHCL, has led to the development os ‘TRUE Trace’ platform based on QR code technology that has been fully implemented and audited by third party accreditations. ‘TRUE TRACE’ platform offers a B2B & B2C level of confidence for special cottons (viz. Egyptian and Supima cotton,) on its authenticity and source traceability. Weavestry – the “best of all sheets” is made with a balanced hybrid weave and selected cotton fibres that are carefully woven and processed to perform at their best. The range offers products that can withstand up to 240 washes giving it a life of about 10 years.