Heat-Transfer Sustainable Printing by Transfertex collaborates with Naia™ of Eastman

Naia™ proves to be the fibre of choice for the innovative heat-transfer sublimation printing process!


Eastman, the maker of Naia™ which is sustainably sourced cellulosic filament yarn, and Transfertex, a global market leader in heat-transfer printing – are collaborating to create sustainable printed fabrics made from Naia™ celluslosic fibre.

Heat-transfer sublimation printing is a highly sustainable option which coupled with Naia™ as the fibre option, enables transfer printing that can create eye-catching printing that is not only sustainable but cost-effective too. Naia™ has the unique ability to handle heat-transfer printing process, unlike other cellulosic fibres.

The heat-transfer printing technology by Transfertex is water-free with minimal environmental impact from dyes and chemicals and eliminates pre- and post-printing processes. It is a clean and dry process with zero emissions and nil water and air pollution.

This technology when combined with Naia™ is less expensive when compared to digital direct printing of other cellulosic fibres like viscose or cotton.

Markus Staudt – Marketing Manager, Transfertex shares: “With Naia™ and Transfertex technology, brands can achieve print-on-demand scalability and choose the sustainable option for their designs. Combining the innovative technology and fibre, we are creating new possibilities for sustainable fabrics.”

He further says: “This collaboration gives brands the ability to create a large print collection with Transfertex’s production-ready designs or precise reproduction of their own custom designs with short lead times.”

The heat-transfer printing with Naia™ allows for sharp and detailed prints for customized new garments.

Carolina Sister Cohn – Global Segment Manager (Fashion), Eastman adds: “Heat-transfer printing Naia™ with Transfertex’s innovative technology creates stylishly patterned garments that consumers will love. We are committed to partnering with companies across the value chain to provide brands and designers the ability to create collections made from sustainable fabrics, without compromise.”

With full transparency from tree to fiber, Naia™ is produced in a safe, closed-loop process where solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse. Both Naia™ and Transfertex’s service are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Product Class I certified and made with no hazardous chemicals listed on the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List.


“With Naia™ and Transfertex technology, brands can achieve print-on-demand scalability and choose the sustainable option for their designs.”

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