H&M launches ‘Jeans Redesign’

Circular economy principles are what drive the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative. Inspired by the ‘visionary’ project, popular fashion brand, H&M, has launched men’s denim collection, Jeans Redesign. Launched mid-October, the collection redefines the way denim is made and perceived.

According to the officials at H&M, the Jeans Redesign collection celebrates the company’s denim expertise making it durable, ‘timeless’ and easy to repair, besides ‘aging with a beautiful patina’. Not only has H&M delivered the initiative’s guidelines but has exceeded them by making improvements to the garment in terms of material health, recyclability and traceability. For instance, Screened Chemistry method was used for selecting safer chemicals, and only low impact finishes were used which have a green score in EIM (Environmental Impact Measurement) by Jeanologia. The conventional plating also was not used on the metal trims, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

Jon Loman – Designer, H&M shares: “To enable circularity of our products, we used TENCEL threads so the product can be recycled easily at the end of life. We think sustainability and circularity should be seen as the parameters that designers move within. This project treads back to the foundation and with this collection, we hope that we can take another great step towards making more sustainable products.”

The denim fabric used is a mix of organic cotton, recycled cotton (up to 35%) from post-consumer waste and dyes that consume less water and energy.

There are three jean styles, 2 jackets, an overshirt, tote bag and a bucket hat in a colour palette of light grey, washed black, mid-blues and deep indigo. The collection reiterates the design and production of denim products, furthering the intention of going fully circular in all the processes.

Further, H&M is working with companies, governments, academic institutions, emerging innovators, SMEs to hasten the transition to a circular economy.

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