Lenzing survey on sustainable raw materials finds ‘Conscious Consumer’ trusts in biodegradable and sustainable textiles and brands

The conscious consumer is one who seeks 3 key parameters when it comes to selecting home and fashion textiles – 1) sustainable clothing that comes from sustainable raw materials; 2) humane and eco-responsible processes used in manufacturing textiles; 3) transparent display of raw materials used on finished textiles.

Lenzing Group’s survey conducted early this year on ‘Sustainable Raw Materials in Fashion and Home Textiles’ shines light on the perceptions of the conscious consumer who is aware of responsible buying and who in turn believes in responsible textile makers too.

The survey concludes that ‘transparency’ is key for brands to win consumer trust. About 9000 consumers from 9 countries were quizzed who showed inclination towards buying apparel, home clothing and linen that were labelled eco-friendly, natural and recyclable. About 70% of the surveyed were found to be interested in finding the sustainability quotient through researching the production process before buying. The survey results also revealed that most conscious consumers are willing to pay 40% more on an average for clothing, and home textiles that reflect sustainability. They also seem to consider material type – if made from natural materials or not – over price, design, brand and utility when buying these products. Their placement of ‘trust’ in brands that invest in sustainable product afterlife treatment and make the information available to consumers is higher.

Florian Heubrandner, VP – Global Business Management Textiles, Lenzing shares: “The survey and its findings reiterate Lenzing’s efforts in driving the sustainability dialogue across the textile supply chain – from yarn makers to consumer brands. Material type being the top consideration factor among most conscious consumers echoes our belief that they value and actively seek out sustainable textiles. The findings of the survey give us and the brands valuable insights to curate more targeted strategies and programs to drive sustainability – not only on raw materials but also on product afterlife.”

Harold Weghorst, VP – Global Brand Management, Lenzing adds: “Our TENCEL™ brand uses raw material derived from sustainably sourced wood. It offers high quality clothing that is breathable and is biodegradable that can be used in everyday life. We support innovation in sustainable raw material in textiles and we will continue to go beyond fibers and look for ways to engage brands, and consumers to help them embrace sustainability.”

Lenzing’s 3-pillar approach towards increasing industry collaboration towards sustainability covers special fiber identification technology, a blockchain-based tracking system and a proactive supply chain collaboration and planning.

Lenzing Group is a global leader in sustainably producing wood-based specialty fibers. It partners global textile and nonwoven manufacturers to drive new technological developments. The group has always strived for efficient utilization and processing of all raw materials and offers solutions to help redirect the textile sector towards a closed-loop economy.

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