Maral Overseas – Investing Rs. 225 crores in capacity expansion

Shekhar Agarwal, Chairman, Managing Director & CEO

A part of the LNJ Bhilwara Group, Maral Overseas Limited (Maral) is one of India’s largest vertically integrated textile companies. Headquartered in Noida (UP), India, the Company has earned respect from leading textile majors in India and across the world for its impeccable product quality and its commitment to service it’s customers effectively.

Set up in 1991 at Maral Sarovar, the Company has five ultra-modern units that manufacture 1,700 tonnes of grey yarn, 75 tonnes of dyed yarn, 600 tonnes of knitted fabric and 500,000 pieces of garments every month even as the team works untiringly to develop new products that align with the requirement of its global customers. The Maral Sarovar plant, backed up by its captive power units, is located in Central India’s cotton heartland, 500 km from Mumbai and 90 km from Indore. Its garment factories are in Noida and Faridabad.

Shekhar Agarwal, Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, said : “We have drawn a riveting blueprint for the current year which, I am confident, will allow us to capitalise effectively on emerging opportunities. We are investing more than Rs. 225 Crore in creating relevant infrastructure in all our business verticals”.

“Our investment philosophy is prudently balanced between cost optimisation and value maximisation. Most of these initiatives should make a reasonable contribution to our FY24 performance. Further, our woven segment which we have piloted is gaining acceptance. Our products are getting decent traction. I am hopeful of growing this product vertical in the current year”, Mr Agarwal added.

Maral has set up a new garment manufacturing unit at Noida with 300 Sewing Machine at a Capital outlay of Rs. 7.68 Crore and another unit at Faridabad at an investment of Rs. 3.19 Crore approx. The company is setting up one more new Garment manufacturing unit at Noida (U.P.) comprising of 500 new sewing machines at a capital outlay of Rs. 14.93 Crore. This is expected to start commercial production during the current financial year. It is also planning to install a screen printing solution which will allow it to eliminate the need to outsource this function.

Maral has also announced a new Spinning project at an investment of Rs.122.94 Crore with a capacity of 18864 spindles for producing Melange Yarn at its Sarovar Plant. This will complement the existing product range being offered by the Company. The Melange Spinning Unit would be functional in the financial year 2023-24. Maral is also planning to increase the proportion of woven garment within its garment business; for this the Company is entering the women dresses segment to capitalise on the surge in lounge wear across the globe (women dresses feature in the lounge wear basket)


A formidable player in the domestic textile space, Maral is a vertically integrated textile player with a strong presence across the textile value chain – yarn, fabric and garments. While yarn is the mainstay of the Company, it is currently growing its presence in the value-added fabric and garments segments.

The yarn division is the flagship vertical for the Company accounting for the lion’s share of its topline. The Company spins a huge array of yarns bucketed under three categories namely regular yarns (Cotton and blended), special yarns (machine- and fibre-based) and sustainable yarns. The Company’s product range also includes yarn from Organic, Fairtrade, Long Staple, and contamination-free cotton. These yarns are used for diverse applications such as knitted wear, denim, towels, carpets & rugs, home furnishings, and industrial applications, among others.


Leveraging its in-house spinning versatility, the Company has established a strong presence in diverse range of knitted fabrics – the product range includes fabrics like Single Jerseys, Ribs, Interlocks, Piques, Honey Combs, Fleece, Plaited & Variegated Structured fabrics, Feeder & Engineered stripe, etc. in 100% cotton and various blends. The Company’s knit fabrics are used for both innerwear and outerwear.

Its penchant for quality is showcased in its fleet of equipment (manufacturing and quality control) sourced from global textile machinery manufacturers. The Company enjoys a presence in diverse global markets which include Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, etc. Its customers comprise domestic and international garmenters and textile brands with whom it enjoys healthy business relations.


Being at the top of the textile value chain, this vertical is the value generator for the Company – driving business profitability. Maral manufactures garments for various categories like Activewear, Casual wear, and Sleepwear for Men’s and Ladies in Conventional and Organic, Fair Trade garments and soft toys for infants, and kids, besides producing a whole range of home accessories handmade by underprivileged ladies. The sophisticated equipment housed at its manufacturing units allows the Company to provide different textures and finishes to the fabric – customised to customer requirements.

The Company has a proficient and talented in-house design department capable of effectively executing specific styling and sampling needs. The team comprising Fashion Designers, experienced Pattern Makers and Stitching Masters, provides customers with various design support such as – trends and mood boards, and also concept development for future seasons.