Overwhelming response at R|Elan™ Buyer-Seller Meet in New Delhi

Reliance Industries Limited’s revolutionary fabric brand, R|Elan™, recently hosted a captivating buyer-seller meet at our state-of-the-art Fabric Studio in Delhi. This exclusive event showcased our diverse portfolio of fabrics, spanning across sustainability, performance, and aesthetics categories, all designed to meet the evolving needs of consumers, brands, and retailers. It was an extraordinary two-day affair, from 22nd to 23rd June, which provided a remarkable platform for leading brands, garment manufacturers, and fabric enthusiasts to collaborate, innovate, and promote sustainable growth in the fashion industry.

At the R|Elan™ Studio in Delhi, over 50 Hub Excellence Partner Mills proudly exhibited an impressive fabrics collection. In addition, eight of our esteemed partner mills presented their innovative fabric collections, further elevating the experience for all attendees. This event served as a crucial catalyst for fabric manufacturers and buyers to converge, engage in meaningful one-on-one discussions, and foster productive relationships.

What sets R|Elan™ apart is our cutting-edge technology, which not only ensures sustainability but also imparts exceptional functional and performance attributes to our fabrics. The response from buyers was overwhelming, with particular interest and selections made in the following key fabric categories:


• R|Elan™ GreenGold – Crafted from 100% post-consumer used PET bottles, promoting a circular economy.
• R|Elan™ EcoGold – Harnessing the power of Biomimics, this fabric initiates a natural biodegradation process.


• R|Elan™ Kooltex – Infused with inherent moisture management properties, keeping you comfortable all day long.
• R|Elan™ FeelFresh – An antimicrobial fabric that actively inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring lasting freshness.
• R|Elan™ AirTherm – Enhancing thermal insulation, this fabric keeps you cozy in colder climates.
• R|Elan™ AllClima – Versatile and adaptive, providing coolness in hot weather and warmth in cold temperatures, guaranteeing year-round comfort.


• R|Elan™ SuperFeel – Indulge your senses with this fabric’s excellent touch and feel.
• R|Elan™ SuperBlack – Achieve consistent shade and color fastness with this pre-colored black fabric.
• R|Elan™ Cotluk – Experience the luxurious look and feel of cotton with this exceptional fabric.

These remarkable technologies enable us to manufacture fabrics that outshine in terms of superior quality and performance. At R|Elan™, we work closely with our value chain partners to develop environmentally friendly fabrics that prioritize comfort, hygiene, and fashion. It’s no wonder that R|Elan™, the next-generation fabric born out of extensive research and robust testing systems, has become the fabric of choice for renowned domestic and global brands, retailers, and apparel manufacturers. Experience Fabric 2.0 with R|Elan™, and witness the future of textiles unfold before your eyes.

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