R|Elan™ and R.R. Lene join hands to manufacture sustainable uniforms

Reliance Industries Ltd.’s (RIL) the next-gen fabric brand R|Elan™ and R.R. Lene, a prominent player in the textile industry, joined forces to unveil their collaboration in the uniform segment at the Asiatex ‘23 exhibition held at the Jio Convention Centre, Mumbai. This partnership showcased an expansive range of sustainability and performance products, setting a new standard for the uniform industry.

Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Textiles, Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs, and Food & Public Distribution, visited R.R. Lene enclosure at Asiatex ’23. R.R. Lene took center stage at Asiatex ‘23, showcasing an impressive array of R|Elan™ fabrics under sustainability and performance categories.

At the heart of this collaboration was the unveiling of R|Elan™ fabrics, meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of corporate and school uniform consumers. The three-day exhibition, which ran from August 31st to September 2nd, provided an invaluable platform for visitors to delve into the innovative world of sustainable textiles and adapt global best practices that promote eco-friendly growth in the uniform sector.

R.R. Lene took center stage at Asiatex ‘23, where they not only showcased an impressive array of R|Elan™ fabrics under sustainability and performance categories but also presented informative demo kits that elucidated the production processes and functions of these cutting-edge textiles. These demonstrations were met with enthusiastic appreciation from visitors.

Key highlights from the R|Elan™ collection that captured the attention of attendees included:


R|Elan™ GreenGold: Crafted from 100% post-consumer used PET bottles.
R|Elan™ EcoGold: This fabric biomimics biodegradation process.


R|Elan™ Kooltex: Delivering inherent moisture management capabilities.
R|Elan™ AirTherm: Elevating thermal insulation properties.
R|Elan™ SuperFeel: An epitome of superior touch and feel.

These revolutionary technologies empower the creation of fabrics that offer unparalleled quality, solidifying R|Elan™’s position as the fabric of choice for renowned domestic and global brands, retailers, and uniform manufacturers. In essence, R|Elan™ is synonymous with “Fabric 2.0” – representing the fabric of the future.

R|Elan™’s eco-friendly textiles, when combined with R.R. Lene’s extensive expertise in the uniform sector, pave the way for sustainable apparel innovation, fostering a new era of environmental responsibility in uniform manufacturing. RIL brings its technological prowess to infuse new-age functionality into textiles, ensuring the creation of innovative fabrics that cater to the growing demand for high-performance uniforms.