Sedo Engineering SA becomes new bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER

Sedo Engineering SA joins the Bluesign mission with an aim to reduce the environmental impact of the denim industry through its innovative Smart-Indigo™ technology. The Smart-Indigo™ technology is the most environmental-friendly process to dye denim in all shades of blue. It uses electricity instead of chemicals for indigo dyeing eliminating the use of chemicals. As a trendsetter for the denim industry, the process uses indigo pigment, caustic soda, water and electricity in a fully-automated process. As on today, the Smart-Indigo solution is a highly sustainable way to dye denim.

“We are proud to welcome Sedo Engineering on board as a new bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER. Swiss companies are known for being global innovation leaders, and we hope that this partnership which is rooted in innovation for the future will motivate others to recognize the value in joining the global Bluesign system. This is a step towards further strengthening the global textile supply chain with our progressive and innovative work. We are thoroughly impressed by the Smart-Indigo™ technology, which will move forward the world of denim,” shares Katharina Mayer – Country Sales Manager, Bluesign.

The officials also share that the use of electricity instead of chemicals results in a process emitting considerably less CO2, consuming less energy and water. It is a revolutionary technology that protects the environment, creates safer and healthier workplaces besides offering economical production.

Denim is a highly popular fabric around the world. In a year, over 15 billion meters of denim fabric is produced. The blue indigo pigment needs hazardous chemicals to make it water soluble for the dyeing process. The resulting chemical-laden waste water is major pollutant making denim dyeing one of the major pollution challenges in the textile industry.

The bluesign® SYSTEM is a chemical management process for methodical minimization of risk. According to the officials, what makes it unique is that the method uses Input Stream Management to eliminate environmentally damaging substances from the beginning. All the chemicals that are used are subject to a risk-assessment which uses the concept of the best available technology and the manufacturer is advised on minimizing risks to people and the environment. The correct use of the chemicals is ensured during the on-site implementation by way of verifying the products in the supply chain, such as chemicals, yarns, fabrics and accessories.

A bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER is a ‘responsibly acting’ link in the textile value chain. Be it a chemical supplier, manufacturer or a brand – they are committed partners that apply the bluesign® SYSTEM. The bluesign® SYSTEM requires them to deliver a high level of safety for people and the environment they work in while utilizing resources responsibly, and continuously improving their environmental performance.

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“Becoming a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER is a step towards further strengthening the global textile supply chain with progressive and innovative work.”

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