SPGPrints to bulk produce Rapid Test Strips for COVID-19 testing

Hank Guitjens – Commercial Manager, Label & Industrial Printing, SPGPrints

Speedy availability of rapid test devices for testing COVID-19 across the societies is an urgent requirement. And SPGPrints, with its expertise in biosensors and creating fool proof and reliable systems, is in the process of developing several production lines to produce the rapid test strips for COVID-19.  

Innovative Printing Solution

The use of biosensors in rapid medical testing is decades old. The strips being made specifically for COVID-19 contain advanced technology wherein the film absorbs body fluids and provides optimal conditions for the reagent to react with them.

Hank Guitjens – Commercial Manager, Label & Industrial Printing, SPGPrints explains: “SPGPrints has accepted the request by an international pharmaceutical company to produce the test strips. And since we specialize in and hold the ideal innovative technique to print the film with the necessary level of precision, we are glad to be of service.”

The goal is to produce a diagnostic test system that captures a patient’s saliva to quickly indicate if the person is suffering from the COVID-19 virus. The printing process requires high levels of accuracy since the newly developed chemical reagent can only function properly under optimal conditions.

Successful Collaboration

The successful collaboration was forged less than a year ago. In such a short time, SPGPrints has managed to develop, produce and deliver a custom-made system for the pharmaceutical partner. Despite it being executed for the first time, the initial phase turned out successful to yield results within a few weeks, way above the expectations.

Technicians were imparted specific yet short-term training to operate the new system which is user-friendly. It translates into mass production with an easier start for the partner, enabling it to reach their ideal production levels within weeks post the delivery of the system.

SPGPrints – Preferred Partner

SPGPrints’ specialization in rotary screen printing has made them the preferred partner for this project. The rotary screen printing provides users with several advantages when compared to other screen printing techniques. It provides greater accuracy and high-quality finish. Not only does the rotary screen printing help the users to increase their productivity but also enables them to quickly scale up their printing process.

SPGPrints is a master of delivering customized solutions and hence, works closely with the client to help their engineers truly understand the expectations of their company and execute them to perfection.

The company is well known for its unique mesh material – a 100% electro-formed nickel mesh – which offers unique stability and print performance. For the graphical and industrial market, SPGPrints offers printing modules from 250 mm to 1400 mm in width. Their systems are equipped with sophisticated tension control and can reach a register accuracy of at least 100 microns. And therein lies the precision that only SPGPrints can offer!                                   

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