CIEL Textile Partners with Serai to Advance their Supply Chain Traceability

Serai’s Traceability solution will help CIEL Textile track their supply chain from raw material to finished product, helping them gain deeper insights into their global supply chain

Mr.Vivek Ramachandran, CEO, Serai

Serai, a digital B2B platform that simplifies global trade, has partnered with leading manufacturer CIEL Textile to map out and trace product-level order flow through their global supply chain.

CIEL Textile positions itself as a true partner in the world of fashion. With the mission to “improve fashion everyday”, the group offers a wide variety of products, services and innovative solutions to its clients around the world. Each year, 38M pieces of garments are created with passion by the 18,000 talents of CIEL Textile through its 18 production units across Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh.

Serai’s Traceability solution will enable CIEL Textile to access and unify complex supply chain information from multiple sources to gain full visibility over their global supply chain. At the same time, they will be able to collect and analyse important metrics to help them achieve their sustainability goals. This is the first time CIEL Textile has collaborated with a company to gain such in depth supply chain transparency.

“CIEL Textile has always been a pioneer in striving for sustainability and innovation. Through Serai’s Traceability solution, they will be able to easily collect and manage data from their supply chain partners. Having all this information in one place can help them drive operational efficiencies, manage underlying risks and eventually achieve greater transparency and trust in their extended supply chain,” says Vivek Ramachandran, Chief Executive Officer, Serai.

A major challenge for CIEL Textile was that they had a diverse range of systems and solutions fragmented across the group. Their garment production comprised a variety of materials including cotton, cellulosic fibres and wool in knitted and woven fabrics which made transparency further upstream difficult. Serai’s solution was flexible to adapt to changing requirements and be integrated with CIEL Textile’s existing solutions.

“Consumers and regulators are demanding greater supply chain transparency. In addition, sustainability is now recognised as a key driver of innovation across our business. It’s important to us that our supply chain is ethical and aligned with our core values. Transparency also helps us maintain long term relationships with our customers, suppliers and all stakeholders based on trust and open communication. Our recently-published Sustainability Report says it all,‘’ said Bertrand Thevenau, Chief Executive Officer, TROPIC, Chairman of CIEL Textile Sustainability Committee.

After evaluating a few technology providers, Serai was chosen based on a criteria comprising the scope of the traceability, flexibility of the solution and integration of global standards to monitor the sustainability performance of CIEL Textile’s suppliers.

“We’re moving towards a world where consumers and regulators demand greater transparency. This Traceability solution is just a beginning. We continue to add solutions with the aim to make supply chains more sustainable, ethical and reliable,” says Vivek.

Serai’s ambition is to simplify global trade, with an initial focus on the apparel industry. For more information on the traceability solution, visit

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