Dinamica® – A New Name in Sustainable Automotive Interior Surfaces

Its recyclable and luxurious. Dinamica® microfibre suede is the new answer to the prayers of the automotive industry for maintaining environmental regulations. The sustainable material is already gracing the interiors of major car models globally. Dinamica® is suitable for seats, backrests, panels, roof lining, steering wheel and door interiors.

The parent company, Miko S.r.l, is proud of the breakthroughs the ecological microfibre is making already. In 1987, Miko patented Dinamica® together with Asahi Kasei Corporation, a globally active diversified technology company. As a pioneering Italian SME in sustainability as a concept, Miko produces Dinamica® from recycled plastic. Miko is a subsidiary of US-based Sage Automotive Interiors and a member of the Asahi Kasei Group.

‘Conscious Consumer’ Chooses Sustainable Surface Materials

A survey by Asahi Kasei Europe in October last year found that the conscious consumer is more and more actively choosing automobile interior surface material to be sustainable and of premium quality. The survey results also pointed to the trend that leather equipment is falling out of fashion for the conscious consumer.

Reduced CO2 Footprint

Dinamica® is recycled polyester contained in the microfibre that is derived from polyester fibres from say T-shirts and PET-plastic such as bottles and packaging materials. Recycling polyester means a reduced consumption of energy and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by about 80% compared to the traditional petrol-based polyester production process.

The microfibre is produced using an innovative water-based manufacturing process in which no harmful chemical solvents are used. The process includes compacting the fibres and making them elastic and resistant. The use of neutral, non-toxic dyes and recycled polyester is a step towards going natural.


Dinamica® is recycled polyester contained in the microfibre obtained from polyester fibres and PET-plastic.

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