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Filatex India focus on innovation & sustainability

Madhu Sudhan Bhageria, Chairman & Managing Director, Filatex

Filatex India Limited is today among the country’s leading manufacturers of Polyester Filament Yarn. With a foray into manufacturing in 1994 with monofilament yarn, today the company fulfils emerging garment needs of millions contributing to India’s developing textile industry.

With an annual production capacity of over 400,000 tonnes, the Company is a trusted brand in the country, offering a diverse range of products such as POY, FDY, DTY, and ATY. The Company’s two cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Dahej and Dadra, combined with its extensive experience of more than 28 years, enable it to implement its ethos of quality in every aspect of a value chain.

Guided by strong leadership, the company is focused on increasing capacities, widening its reach, maximizing efficiency, allocating capital effectively, and ensuring sustainability.

Mr. Madhu Sudhan Bhageria, Chairman & Managing Director, Filatex, says, “We firmly believe that our diligent planning and strong execution capabilities set us apart. From our day to day operation to our long-term strategic vision, our differentiator has always been our focus on better execution. These execution capabilities manifest in numerous forms, including quality enhancements that we undertake, sustainability practices that we implement, and the social activities that we contribute to”.

“We have initiated in-house research work on the recycling of the polyester waste in all forms. This is based on the de-polymerization of polyester and removing colours, additives, catalysts, etc. before re-polymerization. After extensive Lab research for almost two years, we have now set up a pilot plant of capacity 1500 kg/day. We are experimenting and validating process parameters and conditions. Our pilot plant trial results are encouraging enough to intensify our efforts for establishing an economically viable process”, Mr. Bhageria added.

Product development

Focusing on innovation Filatex has set up a product development team to develop speciality products like hollow POY, multiple profiles POY, plus cross-section POY, etc. with unique properties. These products will enrich its product basket and help improve the margins of the company. The focus is on differentiating products that would have characteristics like moisture absorption, flame retardation, temperature adaptiveness, etc. These efforts, badly hit by the national shutdown due to Covid, have gained momentum and sampling trials have started.

In 2021, Filatex has commenced commercial production of its captive thermal power plant of 30 MW capacity at Dahej. The work on the expansion project of debottlenecking melt capacity of 50 TPD and manufacturing lines of 120 TPD of POY is progressing well. The company is targeting to complete the installation and commissioning activities by end of 2022. The company has also engaged in R & D activities to develop process parameters for chemical recycling of Polyester waste. It is in the process of setting up a 1500 Kgs per day pilot plant which will help revalidate the process conditions and operating costs.