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Ganesha Ecosphere

“We aim to carve away a fourth of the Indian PET bottle recycling market. A rich multidecade experience that continues to demonstrate young energy should translate into greater success.
– Shyam Sunder Sharmma, Chairman

The big message that I need to communicate is that the prospects of the PET recycling sector in general and your company in particular are at a cusp and Ganesha Ecosphere is attractively placed to capitalise any unprecedented opportunity in India’s recycling sector.

The Indian PET recycling context & our response

We would like to share some changes transpiring around us. One, the Indian Government has announced a recycling policy for rigid plastic packaging effective from FY 24-25 that brings our business into the mainstream. This has widened our ambition and provides a platform to accelerate growth. To capitalise on this opening, a new manufacturing facility in Warangal (South India) is being commissioned.

Two, the demand for quality recycled products by marquee apparel and lifestyle brands is rising. Many of these big brands are looking for partners who can supply high quality and sustainable recycled fibers, yarn & fabric. To address this opportunity, we are introducing the branded and non-commoditised value-added products under the new ‘Go Rewise’ brand.

This brand symbolises wise recycling, a platform for the next round of the Company’s growth. Three, as the awareness of ecoconscious products rises, retail customers and trade partners are willing to pay higher for preferred branded and recycled products. The Company is using latest cutting-edge technologies and efficiency in operations to address the customer’s expectations of superior quality.

Four, we aim to achieve benchmarked sustainability through the supply of resource-efficient products, which will consume a higher proportion of renewable energy, lower water consumption and optimised resources.


At Ganesha Ecosphere, we are at a point from where growth is likely to be faster, broad-based (progressively de-risked) and more profitable. We are laying the foundation of a more sustainable organisation that could double our size in less than four years and enhance value for all those associated with our company. We aim to carve away a fourth of the Indian PET bottle recycling market. A rich multi-decade experience that continues to demonstrate young energy should translate into greater success.

India’s leading manufacturer of value-added rPET fibre. Possessing an extensive range of recycled products, servicing the varied needs of customers across the world. Enhancing its recall for recycling wisely.

Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. commenced business in 1987. Through the years, the Company has evolved as a mainstream rPET Fibre manufacturer in India. The company manufactures rPET fibre and rPET yarn from pre-and post-consumer PET bottle scrap. The company is headed by our visionary eminent Chairman Mr. Shyam Sunder Sharmma complemented by a professional team.

Ganesha Ecosphere is engaged in the responsible and sustainable business of PET plastic recycling, aggregated through a pan-India network. This is helping minimise land-filling, environmental balance and helping make the world a cleaner place. In view of this, it would fair to state that the company is transforming waste to wealth.

The Company’s Manufacturing units are located in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Rudrapur (Uttarakhand) and Bilaspur (Uttar Pradesh). Ganesha possesses: a combined capacity of 1,06,800 TPA; 96,600 TPA of rPET fibre and 7,200 TPA of rPET yarn and 3,000 TPA of dyed and texturised/twisted filament yarn. The products are used in the manufacture of textiles (T-shirts and body warmers etc.), functional textiles (non-woven air filter fabric, geo textiles, carpets and car upholstery) and fillings (pillows, duvets and toys).

Ganesha Group has also set up a plant for rPET chips at Warangal (South India) and a washing and chips unit at Nepal.


Ganesha entered a new age of recycling through Go Rewise. Ganesha Ecosphere took a decisive step in its commitment towards a greener tomorrow Go Rewise, the latest launch by Ganesha Ecosphere, envisions to close the plastic recycling loop, fulfilling the demand for quality recycled packaging products.

State-of-the-art technology

Recycling PET bottles has for long been embedded in the Company’s DNA. With Go Rewise, the Company deployed the best technologies with combination of global certifications: USFDA and EFSA (food grade packaging); GRS and Oeko-Tex (textile grade products) to ensure that waste is not only recycled but also upcycled. This is ensuring that the end product performs at the same level those derived from virgin raw material.

Besides being a zero liquid discharge facility, Go Rewise intends to go the extra mile, maximising the use of renewable energy coupled with minimal water consumption. The growth story of Go Rewise is navigated by industry experts possessing decades of extensive industry experience.

Innovating for tomorrow

Even as the Company was for long an industry leader for its secondary recycling programmes and sustainability, it recognised that it was time to extend an extra mile by leveraging primary and closed-loop recycling through quality rPET products.

Through Go Rewise, the Company is entering the space of bottle-to-bottle recycling, a decisive extension towards a circular economy. Go Rewise is committed to establish a sustainability benchmark for partners through the supply of the highest quality of rPET products produced through resource-efficient process.