Hyosung Xanadu Draws Interest Among Athleisure Brands Hopping On Commuter-Ready Apparel Trend

Unique bio-based polyester yarn provides the perfect balance of stretch, comfort and style

With workplaces opening back up as the COVID pandemic subsides, consumers are thinking about running, walking or biking to work to maintain their active lifestyles along with helping the environment. Performance apparel with a more business-casual style is emerging, and textiles made with Hyosung’s xanadu mechanical stretch fiber are helping brands achieve this aesthetic.

Hyosung xanadu is a multi-functional fiber made from a blend of PET and corn-based materials. The company also offers an eco-friendlier version – regen xanadu – made with a blend of recycled post-consumer PET and corn-based materials.

Xanadu’s spring-like structure is the secret to providing comfortable stretch and recovery. Its additional fiber benefits include rapid moisture transport and quick drying. Xanadu is also wrinkle resistant and retains its color, making it the perfect fiber for long-lasting, easy-to-care-for apparel.

“We’ve had incredible interest in xanadu due to the fiber’s balance of stretch, recovery, fit and comfort,” said Mike Simko, Hyosung Global Marketing Director – Textiles. “It’s a great solution for performance apparel styles like commuter pants, joggers and workout tops that want more of a comfort stretch garment than high control.”

New LCA published for 100% recycled regen polyester

Due to the popularity of its multi-functional, recycled yarns, Hyosung recently published a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for its GRS Certified, 100% recycled regen polyester fibers made from post-consumer PET. The study, which was conducted by third-party certifier, discovered that regen polyester reduces carbon dioxide generation by 66.5% compared to virgin polyester in the production of 1 kg. Additionally, regen polyester reduces the use of fossil fuels by 80% and the use of water by 71% compared to the use of virgin polyester produced at 1 kg.  

Hyosung will highlight its xanadu fabric collection along with its extensive portfolio of sustainable textile solutions to include creora® regen spandex, creora® bio-based spandex and regen multi-function yarns at the Functional Fabric Fair, booth 604, Portland, OR, April 4-5, 2022.

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