TAG EXPO 2023 sets new standards in textile, accessories & garments industry

Texvalley, South India’s largest textile market center, concluded the highly successful 3rd edition of TAG EXPO 2023, solidifying its position as a premier platform for the textile, accessories, and garments industry. This remarkable exposition, held from July 24th to 26th, attracted a global audience of exhibitors, merchandisers, buyers, manufacturers, exporters, agents, traders, and wholesalers from diverse geographies and sectors.

Building on the success of the previous two editions, TAG EXPO 2023 marked a significant milestone in terms of reach, coverage, product diversity, exhibitors, and buyers. The event garnered extensive attention from both national and international media platforms, with comprehensive coverage across trade magazines, influencer marketing, digital media, direct marketing, airport hoardings, outdoor displays, press meets, and roadshows. The expo’s strategic media planning and partnerships played a pivotal role in attracting a wide and engaged audience.

With over 1200+ pre-registered buyers and 150+ pre-registered exhibitors, the 3rd edition showcased the industry’s dynamism and growth potential. This year’s expo also embraced the digital era, offering seamless online registration for stalls, visitors, and buyers. An exclusive application facilitated post-event collaborations, ensuring meaningful networking beyond the exhibition dates.

Highlighting the global theme, TAG EXPO 2023 featured a diverse exhibitor profile, international buyers, an array of textiles, accessories, and garments, insightful conferences with industry experts, a fashion show choreographed by a renowned fashion expert, and an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding brands. The expo’s alignment with MSME further empowered exhibitors to benefit from exhibiting fee subsidies, contributing to their growth.

The 3rd edition of TAG EXPO exemplifies Texvalley’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth in the textile and apparel industry. This platform encapsulates the entire product lifecycle and ecosystem, effectively transforming the textile hub of India.

Looking ahead, TAG EXPO remains steadfast in its mission to elevate the textile, accessories, and garments industry across India. The upcoming edition scheduled for July 2024 aims to expand its global buyer database, solidifying its position as India’s premier B2B exposition in the sector.

TAG EXPO stands as South India’s foremost expo, propelling the future of textiles, accessories, garments, and fashion items. With its dynamic approach and consistent commitment, TAG EXPO is reshaping the industry landscape, uniting stakeholders, and embracing innovation to steer the sector toward a vibrant and prosperous future.