FASO set to emerge as a brand to reckon with across India

Well-established KPR Mills of South India launched the retail innerwear brand FASO in 2019 across South India and has had a tremendous response. The company now has an ambitious plan to make waves across the country

In 1984, Dr. K P Ramasamy, now Founder and Chairman, KPR Mill Limited, started a small textile business, investing his hard work and experience. In 1989, the company set off on a journey to set up a textile manufacturing fashion apparel business with a focus on the export market. This was done with the involvement of Ramasamy’s brothers, K P D Sigamani and P Natraj who are now the managing directors of the KPR Group of Companies. From the small corner of South India to the fashion capitals worldwide, the company exports its readymade garments, yarns and fabric.

The company has a diversified client base in all verticals and supplies to 40+ international brands across more than 60 countries across the world. Over the years the company has also ventured into new verticals, including sugar, ethanol, automobiles, power generation and education with over 25,000 dedicated employees. KPR Mill has also been instrumental in setting up many quality standards for the industry, which is what gives it the honour of being the top 500 listed companies with K P Ramasamy being counted among the top 100 CEOs in India.

Brand FASO

The retail brand FASO was launched in 2019 across South India and has had a tremendous response, as per the preliminary feedback from the markets. “We are planning for the product’s reach at a pan-India level and we earnestly hope that the unique characteristics of FASO such as organic cotton, ultra-soft comfort and skin-friendliness shall mark its presence in the men innerwear market. FASO is set to create a disruption in the Indian innerwear market with the kind of quality and comfort that it provides to consumers,” the management states. The target consumer for FASO is young boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 27.

Vision and Philosophy

The company’s vision is to have at least one pair of its products in every Indian family’s wardrobe by the year 2025. The philosophy is: “We are not so serious but playful, enjoyable and naughty. We hug you always.’  

Key Collections

As the management of KPR Mills puts it, “Magical – that’s what we think of when we try on a pair of FASO’s key collections innerwear and hold it up to the light. We have found a way to make one of the most intimate garments in your wardrobe feel like an extension of your skin without any compromise on comfort or style. Our collections feature rich fabrics, classic designs and impeccable fir, giving you that all-important contour under your clothes while making sure that these features seamlessly blend with your outerwear.”

Some of the salient features of the product, as stated by the management, include:

  • Comfort – The Everyday Essential: The comfort range of FASO innerwear is the essential everyday classic. Italian–inspired styles of briefs, trunks and vests with ‘easy does it’ appeal. Basic perfection is available in sophisticated natural shades.
  • Style – Make Waves like a Boss: With the FASO style range of innerwear you can play it ultra-cool. Vibrant colours and prints make these fun briefs, trunks and vests perfect party-starters. The idea is to let the consumers embrace the bold.
  • Supreme – Rise and Shine: The company wants its consumers to enhance their fashion ante with the FASO premium range of vests and briefs. Impeccable fabrics, detailing and cuts transform your look form simple to stunning.
  • Athleisure – Feel Fit, Look Hip: Now you can work out, train or chill in style. With FASO’s Italian–inspired active wear and athleisure you can go everywhere, do everything. Choose from stylish, comfortable training shorts, tracks and tees. Each product is designed to make you look every bit of a modern mover.

Expansion Plan

FASO is now expanding its wings to other parts of India. “Other than the southern region we are in Northeast India, Assam, Manipur and Meghalaya, and now in Maharashtra. We will soon have a presence in Uttar Pradesh. In Maharashtra we launched the entire range of men’s products at our Retailers Business Meet 2022 held at Mahabaleshwar in the third week of July 2022 with the theme of ‘Navigating the Future’ by T Gokulakrishnan, Vice President (FASO) along with our business partners. We received a very good response from the trade community. All this gives us the confidence that we will be a very strong brand across India very soon,” the management stated.

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